Ecosystem Diversity

Ecosystem Diversity of Sri Lanka
Ecosystem Provisional extent (ha)
Forest and related ecosystems
tropical wet lowland evergreen forest (lowland rain forest)+                                141,506
tropical moist evergreen forest+                                243,886
tropical dry mixed evergreen (monsoon) forest +                             1,090,981
tropical thron forest(Arid Zone)  na
riverine forest+                                   22,435
tropical sub mountane forest+                                   68,616
grasslands (wet pathana,dry pathana,savannah                                     3,108
Inland wetland ecosystems
flood plains
swamps  na
streams and rivers  na
reservoirs and ponds                             5,913,800
wet villu grasslands                                179,790
wet montane grasslands wet patanas  na
Coastal and marine ecosystems
mangroves**                                     6,080
salt marshes+                                   23,819
sand dunes and beaches+                                   19,394
mud flats 9.754
seagrass beds  na
lagoons and basin estuaries                                158,017
coral reefs  na
coastal seas  na