Species Diversity

Total of 1,100 species of demersal and epipelagic fish including sharks, 5 types of marine turtles, 21 species of whales and dolphins, 187 species of corals and 400 species of mollusks. There are 120 species of copepods, 15 species of amphipods, over 145 species of crabs and 48 species of shrimps. There are also 13 species of mangroves and 583 species of vascular plants. Additionally, two species of fruit bats (mammals) which are endemic have been found. The bird species number 170 of which most are sea birds: seventy of these birds are protected.

In Maldives 285 species of marine algae including 21 species of blue green algae, 163 red algae, 83 species of green algae and 18 of brown algae have been found. Five species of 4 genera of sea grass namely, Syringodium isoetifolium, Thalassia hemprichii, Thallassodendron ciliatum, Cymnodoea rotundata, Cymnodocea sp. were reported to be found, with the most common being Thalassia hemprichii.

Details of Hierarchies of Plants
Found in the Maldives
Plant Group Numbers
Families 107
Genera 374
Species 583
Native or Naturalized 260


 Bird Subspecies Endemic to the Maldives
English Name Maldivian Name Scientific Name
Maldivian Water Hen Dhivehi Kan’bili Amouronis phoenicurus maldivus
Maldivian Pond Heron Huvadhoo Raabondhi Ardeola graii phillipsi
Maldivian Little Heron Dhivehi Raabondhi Butorides striatus albidulus
Central Maldivian Little Heron Medhu Raajjetherey Raabondhi Butorides striatus didii phillipsii
Asian Koel Dhivehi Koveli Eudynamys scolopacea scolpacea