Ecosystem Diversity

Tropical evergreen and semi evergreen forests extend over the eastern parts of the country lying within the divisions of Chittagong and Sylhet, totaling an area of 6,70,000 hectares which is 4.54% of total landmass of the country and 44% of national forest land.

Moist Deciduous Forest (Sal Forest) – The central and northern districts of Bangladesh covering an area of 120,000 hectares, about 0.81% of total land area of the country and 7.8% of the country’s forest land

Mangrove Forest – The largest single tract of natural mangrove forest in the world is the Sundarbans. It consists of a total of 601,700 hectare which is 4.07% of total land area of the country and contains 40% of total forest land.

Fresh water swamp forest consists of flood-tolerant evergreen trees. A fully developed stand exhibits a closed canopy with mature trees standing ten to twelve meters tall.

 Wet Lands

Types of wetlands Area in Hectares
Open water wetlands
Rivers 749700
Estuarine and mangrove forest 610200
Beels and haors 114200
Inundable floodplains 5486600
Kapatai lake 68800
Closed water wetla nds
Ponds 146900
Baors (oxbow lake) 5500
Brackish water farms 108000
Total 7289900